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Award Winning Children’s

Dance Program

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What's It All About?

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What is Lil Beatz?

Lil Beatz is an innovative and fresh urban dance syllabus for children aged 1-7.

Our syllabus is enjoyed by thousands of children and has everything a dancer/dance school needs to run successful classes. Our tried and tested programme has been developed by years of experience.

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Why Join Lil Beatz?

Lil Beatz is an amazing programme that can be used to grow your dance school or start a brand new business.

Fresh Syllabus

We have the freshest syllabus out there and children LOVE our songs & routines!

Amazing Music

All our music is produced by us, so you will not hear any of our songs anywhere else.

Great Merchandise

Increase your earning potential with a huge selection of amazing branded merchandise.

What do our customers say?

See some feedback from customers that are currently using Lil Beatz.

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What Makes Us Different?

Lil Beatz is like no other dance syllabus in the world. Everything from our songs, technology and infrastructure has been custom built to ensure that we are leaders in the industry for our style of dance.

We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion and want everyone from any culture to take part and love our classes.

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7 Day Free Trial
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to be a dancer? or have a dance background?

Yes, to teach a Lil Beatz class, you or your teachers have to be qualified and trained in dance.

Why can't i do this myself?

Setting up a new class or business is hard work and takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. You are a lot more likely to succeed with a ready made package as we are as dedicated to your success as you are. With our proven track record of success and strong reputation, you are given the best opportunity of success yourself.  This is why we dedicate so much time and resources, during every step of your journey.

What benefit is there in adding Lil Beatz to my dance school?

The benefits really are endless and can be extremely beneficial to your current school. Through our brand exposure and mass marketing campaigns, we drive a steady stream of new preschool students to your area. These new students can be a great feeder to your other dance classes and/or go into older classes once at age.

I already run pre-school classes? Why do i need Lil Beatz?

Running any class, regardless of age is hard work. Having to constantly create routines, create music and come up with ideas to keep students engaged is relentless task, especially when you have the day-today running of your school.

We take all this hard with away from you and give you a nice and simply platform using our innovative app. We are constantly creating new syllabuses and music, which are uploaded to our app. These have simple to follow videos & guides.

We even work great running alongside your existing pre-school classes and can have a amazing synergy with them. As Lil Beatz is massively popular for boy’s and girls, we have found that siblings that would normally have to sit and watch, want to join in themselves.

What makes Lil Beatz different?

Everything about Lil Beatz is different and our approach to children’s dance classes is fresh and innovative. Our syllabus and songs are a fusion of styles from all around the world, bringing influence from different cultures. Everything in Lil Beatz is unique from our App, Music to Merchandise. We have spent years with no expense spared developing the business, to ensure that our franchise is the best platform out there. All you have to do is listen to our songs and resist the urge to dance yourself to realise this.

How long will it take to build my classes?

This really depends on how dedicated you are yourself. We put absolutely everything into our syllabus and have seen amazing results within the first 3-6+ months, however ultimately it will fall down to your determination.

Some of our average results though are 50% capacity within 3 months, rising to 80-100% within 6 months. Many of our classes having waiting lists, which says it all.

Where is training held? and what does it involve?

All our training is all held online and via our app, which we have found to be really effective and allows us to fit in around your schedule without taking time out of your business.

You will receive training on the syllabus, class structure and how we operate our classes and then will then have videos, guides and tutorials, which you can follow on our App, so don’t worry if you forget anything. We then have regular top up sessions on all our new songs and routines.

You will also receive a full training guide on how to market Lil Beatz via innovative app.

Why are some areas in the UK restricted?

We offer exclusivity in some of our areas, which is why some are not available. Before buying Lil Beatz, please ensure you check these areas here.

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