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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing the model?

Since we launched in 2018, there has been so many unexpected events that we couldn’t foresee. From covid to the war, it has been a roller coaster.

This has caused a huge problem for us and our future growth plans as you can imagine.

For us to grow in the way we had envisioned, it would mean putting extra pressure on the existing network to perform at a time when everyone is feeling the squeeze.

This change means we can maintain what everyone has in place, but we can expand in the areas we are currently not in a lot more easily. This will ensure we don’t have to rely on the performance on the current network as much.

Why not keep the franchise and just have a separate license option?

Yes we could have done this and tbh would have been more viable. However we don’t think this would have been fair. We wanted to ensure by introducing this new system, everyone is paying the same across the board. We believe this makes it fair and easy for you to manage as you always know how much you will pay per month.

What about new Lil Beatz locations?

There will be 2 options for new locations moving forward. The first option will be the exact same as what we offer now. This will be an upfront fee to secure exclusivity for your areas. With branded social, email, web page etc. Then a monthly fee. Nobody will be able to trade as Lil Beatz in these areas as currently.

The second option will just be a monthly fee. This option will NOT be exclusive though, so you could have someone start Lil Beatz in the building right next to you. You also don’t get the branded Lil Beatz pages, equipment etc.

Will there be anything different for me?

Apart from saving money, there will be no difference at all to how you operate LiL Beatz. You maintain your areas, social media, pages etc.

So you can compare the 2 options we have done a breakdown of fees, based on the new targets we announced from January next year.

Current Figures (Based on 6 Week Half Terms) (From January)

36 Weeks
10 Classes Per Week (minimum)

Total: 360 Classes
Fee Per Class: £6
Yearly Total: £2160


License Option

£29.99 per month.

Yearly Total: £360

How to i transfer to the new option?

The next steps are simple, we would send you 2 contracts, which would in effect move you from your current franchise contract to the license option. The main difference is that this doesn’t tie you into our franchise targets, for example minimum classes etc which are coming in to effect in January.