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Lil Tinie Boppers

For Ages 1-2
Lil Tinie Boppers Ages 1-2

Lil Tinie Boppers ages 1-2

Our Lil Tinie Boppers is the coolest class around! Designed especially to introduce your child to the world of movement & music! With lots of props, this is a great fun class for you and your child to bop along to our Lil Beatz songs.

You will love getting involved in some Lil Beatz adventures, which are designed to help stimulate your child’s motor skills, while meeting new friends along the way!

Designed for toddlers that can crawl or learning to stand tall!

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Why not try Lil Beatz and sign up your child for a class? We are sure they will love our fresh sounding beatz.

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