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What's It All About?

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What is Lil Beatz?

Lil Beatz is an innovative and fresh dance program for children aged 1-7 especially designed for Schools, Kindergartens & Nurseries.

Our program is enjoyed by thousands of children around the world and has everything you need to hold successful diverse & inclusive dance classes. Our tried and tested programme has been developed by dance experts with over 20+ years of experience.

From hip hop nursery rhymes, bhangra, latino to our african beatz, your children will love our program.

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Why Lil Beatz?

Lil Beatz brings you the freshest, up beat dance & movement classes to your Lil ones, celebrating all the amazing diversities that are around the world and their styles.

Diverse & Inclusive

Our program has been designed to teach children world culture through the love of dance.

Social Skills

Helps encourage a child’s creativity & sense of awareness regarding themselves and others.

Health Benefits

Movement via dance positively impacts a child’s emotional, physical & mental health.


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What Makes Us Different?

We take our kids on an adventure around the world, so their imagination can really open up to the diverse world we live in. They will learn about music from India, Caribbean and many other countries & cultures.

We have structured our 30min – 45min classes to cater the needs of your nursery/school, which we find is the ideal time for your children to get the exercise and more importantly fun they need. Our ages are aimed at 1-7, but even older kids love taking part.

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