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Award Winning Children’s

Dance Program

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Welcome to Lil Beatz

Lil Beatz is a fun and educational show and award-winning dance program, filled with original songs that even parents want to dance to! Ms Vicci and the Lil Beatz crew are on a journey to spread the Lil Beatz vibe across the world. 

Who We Are

With a love and passion for all things music and dance. Lil Beatz is here to inspire children to express themselves through movement and imagination! Ms Vicci & the Lil Beatz crew love exploring new adventures, dance styles and cultures! Will you join them?

About Us

Childrens Dance Classes

Our classes are truly unique and even have the parents dancing! With the freshest sounds and routines, your child will have so much fun, whilst learning the coolest dance moves around!

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Hip Hop / Street

For ages 1-6


For ages 2-6


For ages 3-6

Why Try a Lil Beatz Class?

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Get Healthy

All our classes are so energetic, so your child will get exercise while having fun!

Have Fun

Our classes are all designed around having fun! From our songs to our routines, kids love taking part.

Make Friends

There is no better way to make friends than joining in with others, dancing and having fun together.

Learn Skills

You will be so proud watching your lil one grow in confidence, showing of their latest cool moves.

What It’s All About

Starting from as little as 1 years old, we make aim to get your lil ones moving.

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You’re Lil one could be busting moves to the freshest new sounds of Lil Beatz.