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What is Lil Beatz?

Started in 2018, Lil Beatz is a fun and educational show and award-winning dance program, filled with original songs that even parents want to dance to! Ms Vicci and the Lil Beatz crew are on a journey to spread the Lil Beatz vibe across the world. 

Meet the Lil Beatz Crew

Ms Vicci

With a love and passion for all things music and dance. Ms Vicci is here to inspire children to express themselves through movement and imagination! With the Lil Beatz crew by her side, Ms Vicci Loves Exploring new adventures, dance styles and cultures!

Busta Beatz

He is one hip-hopping, fun-loving bunny! Who loves getting his groove on with his friends. He loves travelling on fun-filled adventures and learning about all the amazing dance styles out there! Busta doesn’t walk to the dance floor .. he runs!


Roxy is here to strut her stuff wherever she goes making the world her very own catwalk! Roxy is representing all the sassy girls out there to embrace who they are and wear their crowns with pride!


She may be the smallest of the Lil Beatz Crew but she is fierce and brave! Nothing is too big or great for Beau! She loves to shake her stuff and is all about cheering her fellow teammates on! Beau is everybody’s cheerleader!


Levi is the coolest of all cats! He knows how to make everyone feel good about themselves by spreading his positivity everywhere he goes, Levi has Autism and loves to dance. His body flaps and spins as he grooves to the beat of his own drum!


Clay brings the funk to the Lil Beatz Crew! He knows how to snap up people’s attention by bringing his electrifying moves to the dance floor! Clay loves kicking it with the Lil Beatz Crew and bringing his poppin’ and locking moves to the party!


Is bringing his B Boy flavour to the dance floor! With cool freezes, and turbo spins. Trey sets the dance floor on fire! Trey loves rocking up with the Lil Beatz crew and showing all the`B Boys and B girls out there that they are all capable of amazing things!

Become a Lil Beatz Instructor

Love working with kids? Why not start your very own business or run Lil Beatz in your dance studio, school or nursery?