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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a trial?

Each area is different, depending on location. Please find your nearest class for more details.

How much are classes?

Each area charge a different rate per class depending on the area. The payment structure will also alter per area with some charing up front termly and some paying per class.

Why do some areas bill termly?

Some areas run classes termly to make it easier to employ teachers to cover classes. As you can appreciate, knowing class numbers is an important part of this.

How can i pay?

Each area is different but the majority of areas will accept both cash and card to make it convenient for you.

Can i stop coming at anytime?

Yes sure, we don’t tie you into contracts so you are free to leave at anytime. Please be aware thought if you leave mid-term or mid-trial you will not be refunded any payments made as per our terms and conditions.

Do we do an annual show?

Yes some areas offer an annual show, so you can see your lil ones in action.