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Find a class and sign up your child to a Lil Beatz class. The freshest beatz and moves around!

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Hip Hop / Street

For ages 1-6


For ages 2-6

Creative Movement

For ages 2+


For ages 3-6

Why try Lil Beatz?

Lil Beatz is a great class for children to make friends, learn the coolest moves and have fun!

Healthy Mind & Body

From our energetic teachers to our songs, your kids will be exercising while dancing helping towards a healthy body & mind.

Fresh Music

All our songs have been produced by professional music producers, so you will never hear one of our songs anywhere else in the world.

Amazing Teachers

We love teaching children and make sure that all our classes are full of fun! So students cannot wait to come back.

What It’s All About

Starting from as little as 1 years old, we make aim to get your lil ones moving.

Find a local class online

You’re Lil one could be busting moves to the freshest new sounds of Lil Beatz.