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Our award winning program has everything you need!

Our preschool music & movement program is enjoyed worldwide by parents and their Lil One’s. Get your Lil Beatz license today and teach kids to develop their social skills & enhance cognitive / motor skills!

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Why Join Lil Beatz?

We have you covered every step of the way! With our learning tools and support network, you have everything you need to build a successful and thriving business!

YouTube "Dance-a-Long" Channel

Brand New videos released every week, all designed to drive traffic to your classes.

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Marketing Content "Done for you"

We provide you with a whole selection marketing materials ! Everything from promo videos to flyers!

Class Promotion

We create you a profile on our website and every class is automatically added to our “Find a Class” page for new students to find.

Amazing Original Songs

We have over 100+ songs with influence from all around the world and is constantly growing.

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What’s included in our package?

Facebook Group

Exclusive access to our private facebook group, which has other instructors ready to help

Dedicated Support

Our support department is available 24/7, so always at hand to help.

Professional Team

You get access to a team of professionals such as Accountant & Marketing all free of charge.

Always Fresh

We add BRAND NEW songs and routines each month, to keep our program always fresh!

Amazing Merchandise

You get exclusive discounts on all our merchandise for you to sell to your customers.

Exclusive Offers

As part of Lil Beatz, you can get exclusive offers on Insurance, First Aid and many more services.

Customer Reviews

Hear from some of our customers what they think about Lil Beatz.

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Music & Movement Program
Save 30% by paying yearly
Save 30% by paying yearly
100+ Songs & Routines
Innovative App
Amazing Music
Class Structures
Marketing Material
New Songs Every 3 Months
Full Support
Excellent Merchandise
£299.00 (One-Off) & £29.99 / month Per Month
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£299.00 (One-Off) & £340.00 / year Per Year
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to be a dancer? or have a dance background?

Yes, to teach our Street, Ballet or Tap program, you or your teachers have to be qualified and trained in dance.

If you want to teach our music & movement program, you do not have to be trained as it is designed for basic movement and sensory. Although there is basic movements involved, they are more to develop social skills, enhance cognitive skills and enhance motor skills!

Why can't i do this myself?

Setting up a business is hard work and takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. You are a lot more likely to succeed with a ready made package as we are as dedicated to your success as you are. With our proven track record of success and strong reputation, you are given the best opportunity of success yourself.  This is why we dedicate so much time and resources, during every step of your journey.

What makes Lil Beatz different?

Everything about Lil Beatz is different and our approach to children’s learning and entertainment is fresh and innovative. Our program and songs are a fusion of styles from all around the world, bringing influence from different cultures. Everything in Lil Beatz is unique from our App, Music to Merchandise. We have spent years with no expense spared developing the business, to ensure that our franchise is the best platform out there. All you have to do is listen to our songs and resist the urge to dance yourself to realise this.

How long will it take to build my classes?

This really depends on how dedicated you are yourself. We put absolutely everything into our program and have seen amazing results within the first 3-6+ months, however ultimately it will fall down to your determination.

Some of our average results though are 50% capacity within 6 months, rising to 80% within 12 months. Many of our classes having waiting lists, which says it all.

Where is training held? and what does it involve?

All our training is all held online via our amazing Lil Beatz portal, which we have found to be really effective as it allows you to fit in around your schedule.

You will learn everything from class structure to how to market your classes.

Why are some areas on the UK restricted?

We offer exclusivity in some of our areas, which is why some are not available. Before buying Lil Beatz, please ensure you check these areas here.

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